Elementary Directions

First: Check In

Check in at the Kid’s Ministry kiosk as early as 15 minutes before service starts. Sign your child in and keep your sticker! Kids will be released to the adult who has the matching number sticker. Kids are welcome to join us at the front of the sanctuary for worship or stay with you until they are dismissed to Kids Service.

Next: Go to Service

Our staff is screened and trained to help your kids have a safe and fun time! In case we need you, don’t worry, we’ll text you! All kids should have a textable phone number on file. We’ll have a lesson designed just for their age group filled with fun, games, and time to make friends. We’ll enjoy a small snack together, so please be sure to let us know of any allergies!

Then: Check Out

When it’s all over we know they will want to stay and keep having fun, but kids should be checked out within 10 minutes of service ending. Follow the “Trinity Kids” signs down to your child’s classroom for pick up.

Last: Go to Playground

Our playground is open and is a great place to meet and hang out other families!