Lent 2021

The purpose of the season of Lent in the Christian calendar is to help us orient our lives toward the central celebration of the Christian faith: the resurrection from the dead of Jesus the Messiah. Easter is so much more than just another religious observance. It is the recognition that the resurrection of Jesus changed everything. God has issued us the Sacred Invitation to join Jesus on the journey toward the cross.

Dr. Jesse C Middendorf and Rev. Stephanie Dyrness Lobdell have co-authored this daily devotional, using scriptures from the Book of Common Prayer, to prepare the church to grasp the life-changing reality of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. As we journey through Lent, may we find our place in that grand story.

We will have an in-person service that will be live streamed held on our campus starting 7:00 PM on Ash Wednesday, Feb. 17. We will also have a separate Ash Wednesday service for children on campus at 7:00 PM. (All safety protocols are observed.) RSVP Here: https://onetrinitychurch.org/event/ash-wednesday-service/

Below you can find groups to join as we fast, pray, and seek the Lord together during this Lenten season all kicking off Ash Wednesday, February 17 . You can email us at admin@onetrinitychurch.org to get connected with your preferred group, to let us know that you want to start one, or to get a copy of the devotional book (suggested donation $5)! Devotional books will be available for pick-up on campus starting February 14.

Mondays @ 7:00 PM – Led by Lauren

Thursdays @ 7:00 PM – Led by Pastor Greg

Thursdays @ 8:00 PM – Led by George and Gracie

Fridays @ 10:00 AM – Led by Joanne

Fridays @ 1:30 PM – Linda and Christine

Saturdays @ 8:30 PM – Led by Sandra

As you fast for 40 days, not including Sundays (fast Monday through Saturday), make sure to replace your appetite with God’s appetite. For example, if you are fasting (giving up) sugar, each time you are tempted to give in to that craving you instead turn to God in prayer Monday through Saturday. (“God, help me to desire a relationship with you above my own desires.”) On Sundays though, allow yourself to taste a little of what you are giving up for God and in those moments, say a prayer of thanksgiving: that He has created this pleasure for you in the first place in anticipation for the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter (Sunday, April 4).